May 2017 – You are a badass and other stories

May 2017 is here (in case you lost your calendars) and it starts with a Monday off so we are already loving it!

April was one of those months that seemed like it was never going to end, and now that it has I’m like ‘that was quick!’ I was mostly happy to kiss it good bye as the weather here in Stockholm was suffering from multiple personality disorder, being all kind to us in one moment and trying to blow me away with snowy violent wind in the other. May will hopefully be a bit more decisive and take us into spring, allowing me to play with my wardrobe. Besides the weather (that I’ve been rambling about a lot, so sorry, but please understand me) me and Doina share our other plans, hopes and inspiration for the month of May and we wish you all a great one!

I’m listening to… 

Iv – I recently finished an audio book called You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. I liked it so much that after the audio version was finished, I ordered myself a physical copy of the book! So, I wanted to recommend that to you in case that you want some motivational and funny stories. If you have any suggestions for me I would be happy if you shared them in the comments bellow.

D – Everything that makes me dance, from Beyoncé to Rihanna to whomever will make me dance. Especially in the mornings.

I’m smiling because…

Iv – I’ve been doing yoga and trying to take care of myself lately. Also, if you see me walking around smiling it’s probably because I’m listening to some good book or a podcast.

D – I am listening to very happy music and Adriene from YWA makes me smile. Oh yeah and my downward dog is getting as good as Zeus’. :))

I’m watching…

Iv – So I’ve seen all episode of Girlboss on Netflix and I warmly recommend it. I’ve also been watching the last season of Pretty Little Liars because I am still a teen at heart. Can’t wait to finally find out who A is! Any other PLL fans out there?

D – I’ve started rewatching The Big Bang Theory and I love them even more.

I can’t resist…

Iv – Yoga with Adriene that Doina introduced me to. I just love it. Also, in an effort to revive my style (I told you about that, remember?) I can’t resist shopping and mostly window shopping. So many cute things and so much inspiration out there!

D – All the sweet things in the world, I swear these days I could eat a gingerbread villa.

I’m wearing…

Iv – I am having a love affair with pink at the moment so some blush pieces are a must. And my Adidas Originals sneakers in the same shade that are perfect for spring days.

D – I am not sure because the weather..let’s just say you don’t get bored with this weather.

I’m definitely buying new…

Iv – I am still searching for some nice jeans. I also need some cute T-shirts and I have my eye on a blazer from H&M that is super delicious!

D – I am searching for some cute shoes, let me know if you have any ideas.

I’m looking forward to…

Iv – Wearing all of my cool spring/summer clothes that are still locked in the closet because the winter has decided that April belongs to her. Also, I look forward to all new creative projects that will be happening and to all the inspiration and new ideas that are coming my way.

D – Swimsuit season, all Sun and everything! Hit me with your UV protection creams!

Ivona Josipovic

Ivona Josipovic is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, writer, fashion stylist, social media manager, curious creature, chocolate lover.


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