Thursday Travels – Livigno

You know those moments when you just feel like jumping in the car and escaping for a bit? Well me, my boyfriend and our dog had one of those moments last weekend, so we went for a short trip to Livigno. For those of you that don’t know what and where Livigno is I’m gonna do my best to explain – Livigno is a beautiful city in the Italian Alps where snow feels like home. Every snow sport you can think of, you can do it there (I don’t really think there’s anything missing). But, Livigno has something even for those of us that are there for just a few hours (like we did) or that don’t really do winter sports – Livigno has beauty, nature all around, fun and happiness.


The whole city is just beautiful and cozy and really easy to get around. There are many tourists, and you can easily hear someone talking in your mother tongue. There are many restaurants to pick from, we’ve been to one called Dosdè which was really nice starting with the staff and ending with the food (you have to try their pizzocheri! I swear it is the best I’ve ever tasted!!) and the wine (really, really good wine!).

All in all I have to say – if you ever get the opportunity to visit Livigno, do it with no regrets. It is a great place to get active and sporty, as week as to chill and recharge. Just be sure to declare any expensive item when you get in and when you get out of the region (you can read more about this here).


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  1. beauty place to live, visit and stay for a few days. Magic is everwhere on your photos.
    i must say something: great theme of blog. is oryginal, but perfect. i’m in love with that.

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