Best fashion brands from Serbia to keep an eye on

Meet 5 amazing fashion brands from Serbia that you’ll want to know about.

Creativity and talent know no boundaries. Often found in unexpected places, creative hubs can be born out of the human need to paint our own reality. Looking for an escape in creativity and arts might be one of the reasons why Belgrade’s been named one of the five most creative cities in the world by BBC. And while their article focuses on the art, my attention was drawn to the Serbian fashion scene.

Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, has been a regional fashion center since it started hosting Belgrade Fashion Week in 1996. Ever since, it has shown that while funding might be scarce in the area, creativity and talent are not. Some names like Roksanda Ilinčić have become known around the world. Others are getting more and more recognition as international media starts to pay attention. Thanks to the internet Serbian brands are reaching wider audiences with social media. And we just love how easy it is becoming to discover new talent.

Amazing fashion brands from Serbia you’ll want to know more about and maybe pay a visit to when you plan your trip to Belgrade:

Ines Atelier

Ines Atelier is my personal favourite. I love the over all esthetic of the brand and I fall in love with every collection. Founded by designer Ines Janković, the brand is known for amazing leather jackets, wedding dresses and jewellry. And I presonally want all of it.

Mihano Momosa

A star on the rise, Mihailo Anušić is the man behind Mihano Momosa. Feminine, dreamy and romantic – his creations celebrate women. Mihano Momosa was seen on the runways in Belgrade, Zagreb and Paris Fashion Week and we predict a bright future for the brand.


Mona is a well known serbian fashion house. Founded in 1989, it has since become known for it’s morern, sophisticated design that focuses on quality. Brand is recognised for their leather accessories made from the finest Italian leather. They have shops around the region, in Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia.


Another cool brand found thanks to IG, Mates is ran by two designers, Marko Ilijev and Saša Stević. Started in late 2013, Mates has a goal to make fashion for strong, modern women. In just a few years their clothes have conquered the region and we look forward to seeing what the fututre hold for this duo!


A very young brand started just this year, Kånu is already making a splash! Run by mother and daughter duo, Mirjana i Anja Arsić, the line focuses on rainwear for people and dogs. What’s not to love about wearing a matching raincoat with your pet?!


Ivona Josipovic

Ivona Josipovic is a co-founder of The Smoke Detector, writer, fashion stylist, social media manager, curious creature, chocolate lover.

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